There are No Good Excuses for Not Backing Up Your Computer

For most people, backing up their computer is not on top of their priority list for any given day. We just have too many things to do, places to go, people to call, or whatever else we do for work, fun or pleasure. Those letters, spreadsheets, digital photos, and mp3's aren't going anywhere. Right? They can wait another day or two, or three...

Actually those computer files are going to go somewhere and it can happen on any day or night. And in most cases, when they are gone, they are gone forever. I don't think there is anything I can say here to make the ignorant believe what I am saying. They will learn the hard way when their data is lost. If they are lucky, it will happen to a close friend or relative who will share their pain.

Letting everything else take priority over backing up data is the real problem. Up until a few years ago, backing up data was actually a time-consuming process, and it could be fairly expensive as well. Things are different now. There are some very good online backup services available that completely remove the time and effort required to backup computer files. Other than an initial setup, which is usually just a few minutes, everything else is completely automatic. You don't have to do anything to backup up your computer again. It gets backed up while you sleep, or while you work, but you never have to touch it or think much about it. With online backup you can prioritize everything ahead of backing up your data; you do don't have to do anything on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to protect your data.

Cost can't be an excuse either. There are several free services with limited capabilities and there are also some very good providers at reasonable costs. In fact, there are no good excuses for not backing up your data. All of the excuses you may have had in the past are gone.
Online backup is less costly, very reliable, very secure, and takes almost none of your time.

For help in selecting an online backup service provider, see SSL is Not Enough Security for Online Backup or Backup Laptop and Mobile Computers. You can also find some good information here

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