Carbonite Does Not Backup All Files

Here is an interesting posting by Tom Kirkham about Carbonite online backup. It appears that Carbonite automatically skips backing up some files. After looking over the list that Tom published, I don't necessarily think this is bad. However, if you use Carbonite, you may not be backing up some important files and you may not be aware of this. Most of the folders that are skipped contain system files and stuff that you usually would not want to backup and should probably not restore.

I am much more concerned about the file extensions that are automatically skipped. Some of these potentially contain valuable data that you may want backed up. I know I have many files of those types that I would not want to lose. See the full list here: "Files Carbonite Will Not Backup".

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Unknown said...

I'm Carbonite's CEO. Thanks for posting this useful info. Note that you can easily override excluded files and folders by just right clicking on the file and selecting "back this up." Exclusions are designed to keep people from restoring everything and messing up their new computers. Regards, David Friend, CEO.
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