Broadband and Online Backup

The availability of broadband Internet service to the majority of US homes and businesses brings with it the availability of online backup services. The fact that broadband, whether cable or DSL, usually provides much more bandwidth in the downloading direction than uploading actually is ideal for backing up files over the Internet. At first glance one might think that the relatively slow upload speeds would cause backups to be too slow. The slower upload speed mostly affects the initial backup rather than periodic backups after the initial backup. Good online backup services do a nice job of minimizing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted to the backup service through compression and only backing up changes.

While your initial backup may take a while, it is usually not performed under an 'urgent' situation. When data is lost the situation tends to become more urgent, and fortunately the high broadband download speeds are available to restore data. Read more at Data Backup and Recovery.

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