The Dog Ate My Backup, What's Your Excuse?

The teacher wasn't impressed when Johnny said the dog ate his homework, but the rest of the class got a laugh out of it. It was as if Johnny didn't expect anyone to ask for his homework assignment. What is an IT person supposed to say when asked to restore data and can't because of a problem with the backup. Maybe he can say the tape is corrupt, or maybe he can blame someone else. Perhaps he thought the backup was happening but it wasn't. The excuses become obviously lame when he can't even restore data from the day before yesterday, or last week, or last month. You might as well say; "The Dog Ate My Backup" because nobody cares about your excuse. Lost data isn't very funny.

So you are not an IT person... If you have important data on your computer, or if you are responsible for computers in your office or department, then you may just be the IT person or the closest thing to one. The results are the same, data is lost and you can't help. How smart does that make you look?

Avoid the loss of data and the embarrassment. Protect your data with real backups that work. Just little extra effort and you can avoid critical mistakes. Online backup is a safe and simple way to get good reliable backups.

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