Data recovered from hard disk drive after Columbia space shuttle disaster

Don't count on being this lucky with your data. The following article describes how hard disk drive data was recovered from a burned hard drive after the Columbia space shuttle crashed in 2003. There were other hard drives on board Columbia that have been recovered, but the data was not recoverable. In addition it can be quite expensive to recover data from a damaged hard drive. Your best bet is to backup your data on a regular schedule.

Data recovered from Columbia space shuttle disaster

The Associated Press

Jon Edwards often manages what appears impossible. He has recovered precious data from computers wrecked in floods and fires.
Now Edwards may have set a new standard: He found information on a melted disk drive that fell from the sky when space shuttle Columbia disintegrated in 2003.
“When we got it, it was two hunks of metal stuck together. We couldn’t even tell it was a hard drive. It was burned and the edges were melted,” said Edwards, an engineer at Kroll Ontrack Inc.
Like other Columbia debris, the mangled disk drive turned up in Texas.

The recovered disk drive from Columbia had been used to capture data from a scientific experiment on the way xenon gas flows.

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