Online Backup for Enterprises

Are large enterprises ready for online backup? Apparently EMC thinks so. They acquired Mozy last year for $76M, now they are branching outside of the consumer and small business market and into the enterprise. This is starting to make some sense. Mozy was positioned as an economy backup solution, but EMC has been in the business of selling high-end solutions to big business. I don't expect them to dump the free and cheap online backup users right away, but you can bet they will be focussed on these enterprise deals.

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EMC (NYSE: EMC) is losing no time in taking its acquisition of Berkeley Data Systems' online Mozy backup technology and targeting it at large enterprises. In an announcement Tuesday, EMC unveiled MozyEnterprise as well as a brace of resellers with clout in the enterprise world to market it.

Noting that it plans to build on the Mozy brand's success in the consumer and small business market, EMC said it will begin offering MozyEnterprise with its EMC Fortress data storage platform. EMC acquired Mozy as part of its Berkeley Data Systems buy for $76 million last October.

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