Backing Up Your Data is Only Half of the Solution

So you are backing your data up to a portable disk drive, or maybe CDs or Tapes. Good for you, you are probably doing a better job of protecting your computer files than most computer owners do. If your hard drive crashes, you will have a way to restore your data. Your data is safe and secure, right?

Your data is probably safe and secure from some common problems such as electrical or mechanical failure of hard drive. Your data is safe from at least half of the data losses caused by human error. Your data is safe from a good many viruses and malicious software issues.

However, if you are not storing current copies of your data in a secure offsite location, your data could be totally lost in a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster.

You can physically transport your backup media to another location. That is how most businesses did it up until a few years ago. The more modern and cost effective option is to use your Internet connection to transport your data to secure storage in another location.

Don't worry, you don't actually have to set up your own secure offsite storage location. There are plenty of great online backup services that have already done it for you. They also provide software and technology to encrypt, compress and transmit your data. In many cases the cost is very reasonable. Just search Google for Secure Offsite Backup Service and you will find plenty of great online backup services that will meet your needs.

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