Is Online Backup Safe?

If you are considering using an online backup service, then you might be concerned about the security of your data. This is a legitimate concern because you will likely be putting all of your important documents, photos and other files on a server somewhere on the internet. I cannot answer specifically for all online backup service providers, but for the most part, they are safe. Here are some things to check when considering online backup:

  1. Where will your data be stored? You want to make sure that your data is stored in a professionally managed datacenter with physical security and controlled access to the facilities.

  2. Will your data be encrypted and password protected? Just because a site uses SSL doesn't make your data safe. SSL only protects your data while it is in transit. You want your data to be stored in encrypted form on the server. If your data is encrypted on the server, then even if a hacker breaks into to the server, your data will not be readable to them.

  3. Who can access your data? Most of the online backup service providers will have controls in place that keep the public and hackers from accessing your data. However, you don't want technicians, data center employees, administrators, network engineers and others to have access either. It is common practice for online backup service providers to have policies in place that prevent unauthorized access. Some online backup services, including,,, and encrypt the data at your pc with an encryption key that only you know before it is transmitted and stored at the service provider. This provides the best possible security, because employees can't even access your data.

In general you should feel safe storing your data with online backup services. Chances are that your data is safer at their secure data centers than in your home or office. If you do decide to use an online backup service, you should take extra care to select strong passwords and encryption keys. No matter how well managed and secure the service provider is, if your password is the same as your name, then your data may be at risk.


Anonymous said...

Depending on the provider - Online Backup can be safer than having data in ur office or VERY dangerous..
if you go with a secure encrypted service - where the data is encrypted BEFORE it leaves your pc that is the safest bet.. you should ONLY use such a service.
One should also make sure that the company has redundant servers - so in case THEIR server fails all your data is safe!. You also want to make sure they are USA based with AMERICAN tech support- using third world support when your in a cruch is the pits... a good example of a financially stable company with redundant secure data servers is
please tell me what u think

J (Encrypted Flash Drive Guy) said...

I have looking online backup services from many five years, I think now a days service providers try to give there best securities services to the clients. But the think which vary is business section mean services are costly or cheaper. In short online backups, files or data are safe.

Anonymous said...

It took me a lot of time to know the importance of backing up online not until one day my computer crashed including the hard drive and i lost everything than i really understood why people backup important data online.I nearly fainted after learning that all my files where missing but later a friend came to my rescue and recommended an online backup service called and it is what i use till now.They are cost effective because i use 200GB and i only pay 50bucks a year and in addition,iam given a 3GB trial version which lasts forever.And another thing is that for that fee i can backup multiple computers on a single account.

USB Encryption said...

Online backup services seem like a great conviction. You get to upload your responsive, personal information to a third-party, depending on them to keep it safe from snooping eyes and disasters. From the last few years, remote backup services have been gaining position for individual and small-business users, thanks to the explosion of broadband connectivity and cheap server-side storage. I think people are little more relaxed now than they might have been a few years ago with trusting their data to an online service.

PCRoger said...

With all the natural disasters occurring it really makes a geographically redundant online backup service a necessity for business continuity plans.

I just setup a client today with ElephantDrive in part because of their guarantee of geographic redundancy in their server farm (Amazon web services).